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Welcome to the Reynolds Research Project

The Wallace Collection Reynolds Research Project is a four year project funded by The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and the Benefactors of and donors to the Wallace Collection. The Project will investigate the techniques and materials used by Reynolds through examination of the twelve paintings by Reynolds held in the Wallace Collection. The examination will also inform the conservation treatment of the paintings.

The project is a collaboration between the Wallace Collection and the Conservation and Scientific Departments at the National Gallery. The Project will culminate with an exhibition, catalogue and scholarly conference at the Wallace Collection in 2015.

This Wiki is the central storage for all documentation, images and analysis produced during the project. The information in this Wiki is navigable by selecting an individual painting and exploring the related information. As the project progresses it is envisaged that the information will also be sorted using categories and cross referenced using links.

The Reynolds Research Project also acknowledges the generous support of The Charles Hayward Foundation.

List of Paintings

Project discussion pages

Working documents, minutes of meetings and project protocols and guidelines are accessible through the Project discussion pages.

Project discussion pages

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