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  • === Working with Vips/Nip2 === * [[Nip2: Digital Framing]]
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  • ...the process of using the '''draw scale bar''' and '''linear matching''' [[Nip2]] functions, to register a small set of images to each other and then draw ...hem all to match, please consult the documentation available on the main [[Nip2]] [ website] f
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  • ...Mellon funded [ Raphael Research project]. The software was built to test various ideas related to the storage, diss Download and unpack the current version of vips and nip2, for example:
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  • This tutorial will cover the process of using the digital framing nip2 functions beginning with the preparation of the images before going onto de for the images of frames and paintings to be correctly processed by the nip2 framing functions they need to be prepared. Once a frame image has been pre
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