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Continuing to expand the re-usability of our public image resources we have expanded our examinations of the use of IIPImage to present high resolution images to included inserting them directly with Mediawiki. This has been achieved by developing a simple extension to Mediawiki, further information will be provided once it reaches a more stable state.

IIPImage MediaWiki Extension

  • Provides the ability to drop a simple viewer directly into a MediaWiki page.
  • Control the dimensions and basic position.
  • Define a specific starting point, location and level of zoom.
  • Add annotations directly to the image.
  • The full screen functionality, the help information and the navigation window still need to be adjusted for this particular application.
  • The basic syntax required is shown below:
server=Web address of the IIPImage server|
image=Full local path to the required image|
wid=Width in pixels|  
hei= Height in pixels|
format=left, center or right|
credit=As required|
caption=Extra presentation information.|

server= image=/pics/pyramids/uncropped_files/Uncropped%20NG%20Fronts/N-3863-00-000053-PYR.tif| wid=300px| hei=300px| format=right| credit=© The National Gallery, London| caption=NG3863: Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1888, Oil on canvas, (92.1 x 73 cm). © The National Gallery, London| }}

IIPImage MediaWiki Examples