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Bakhuizen Research Project

The project investigated the techniques and materials used by the seventeenth century, German-born, Dutch painter; Ludolf Bakhuizen, through the detailed examination of the three paintings in the collection. This was conducted with the aim of reaching an understanding of Bakhuizen's working methods over roughly a thirty-year period of his activity as an artist. When required, some of these technical examinations also informed the conservation treatment of the paintings. In addition to works from the National Gallery's collection, other works from national and international collections have also formed part of the study. Six works from the National Maritime museum provide important comparative material. Access has been given to technical data and samples previously collected by that institution. The project is a collaboration between the Curatorial, Conservation and Scientific Departments at the National Gallery, and the Paintings Conservation Section of the National Maritime Museum. This MediaWiki provides a centralised space where selected documentation, images and analyses produced during the information gathering phase of the project can be consulted. A summary of the findings of the project are also set out here.

National Gallery Contributors

Morwenna Blewett

Helen Howard

David Peggie

Joseph Padfield

Lelia Packer

National Maritime Museum Contributors

Caroline Hampton

Elizabeth Hamilton Eddy

Additional Assistance

Mark Tucker (Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Elizabeth Walmsley (National Gallery of Art, Washington)

Detroit Institute of Arts (Conservation and Curatorial depts.)


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