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This property corresponds to the property No type definition was found for "PN19F.is_considered_to_be_complete" in the ngex import. of the NG CIDOC Extentions to the CIDOC CRM vocabulary, (see MediaWiki:Smw import ngex).

"""This property defines the general idea of whether a E1 CRM Entity has been completed.

This property is intended to be very generic and to allow a boolean logic yes/no value to be applied to whether any specific of thing is considered to be finished, completed, finalised, no longer outstanding, dealt with, etc.


  • The flaking paint [E3] identified on a given painting [E84] has been treated so the Condition Assessment [E14] that identified the flaking is consider to be [PN19F] completed.
  • The unfinished painting [E84] was not completed before the artist died so is therefore not considered to be [P19F] finished."""
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