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This property corresponds to the property No type definition was found for "P56F.bears_feature" in the cidoc import. of the CIDOC CRM vocabulary, (see MediaWiki:Smw import cidoc).

This property describes a E26 Physical Feature found on a E19 Physical Object It does not specify the location of the feature on the object.

P56 bears feature (is found on) is a shortcut. A more detailed representation can make use of the fully developed (i.e. indirect) path from E19 Physical Object through P59 has section (is located on or within), E53 Place, P53 has former or current location (is former or current location of) to E26 Physical Feature. A Physical Feature can only exist on one object. One object may bear more than one Physical Feature. An E27 Site should be considered as an E26 Physical Feature on the surface of the Earth.