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This category corresponds to the class No type definition was found for "EN5.Alphasort" in the ngex import. of the NG CIDOC Extentions to the CIDOC CRM vocabulary, (see MediaWiki:Smw import ngex).

"""A sub-class of E41 appellation that are specifically used to order a series of similar things in an alphanumeric order.

These appellations could be titles, names or even identifiers.


 Objects identified with EN6.Acquisition_Number(s); {NG123, NG1, NG65, NG3456}, could also be identified with EN5.Alphasort(s); {N-0123, N-0001, N-0065, N-3456}.
 Artist [E39] Diego Velázquez is also identified by [P1F] Velázquez_Diego [EN5]."""

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