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Develop tools to facilitate the submission and standard formatting of mass spectrometry data for the Users’ Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography


A web page has been developed with the following basic functionality.

  • User login with predefined profiles
  • File upload, for a defined set of file formats
  • Parsing and reformatting uploaded files based on values stored in a MySQL database.
  • Viewing of basic graphs of data
  • Editing and checking of submitted files
  • Download options for stored files.
  • Help and instruction information.

Further possibilities

  • Develop database to actually store the submitted information and then generate files on the fly
  • Improve process for finding files, possible search systems
  • Output current library in addition to single files
  • Define and document the "ontology" used
  • Define and document the system to facilitate re-use if appropriate
  • Allow tool to be used as a local formatting tool in addition to a submission tool
  • Investigate which tools can be re-purposed for a more generic analytical data formatting tool
  • Do we want to add feedback/suggestions/todo list type functionality to the system, or does this become more redundant once we have version 1.0?

Comments and bugs submitted by client

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