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This category corresponds to the class No type definition was found for "EN14.Object_Group" in the ngex import. of the NG CIDOC Extentions to the CIDOC CRM vocabulary, (see MediaWiki:Smw import ngex).

"""Specific sub-class of E24.Physical Man-Made Thing, a class used to define a group of related objects that where deliberately created or grouped together as a definable entity.

Unlike E78.Collection all instances of an EN14.Object Group do not need to be curated as a single entity, exist in the same physical form as when they were created or even be located in the same place.


  • Marriage_A-la-Mode [EN14] created by William Hogarth [E21] is a series of six separate paintings [E84].
  • The Ansidei Altarpiece San Fiorenzo Perugia, now a [EN14], was created by Raphael [E21] as a single [E84] but has now been separated into two paintings [E84].

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