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Welcome to the - Raphael Research Project Wiki

The Raphael Research Resource is a website set-up to display and share a wide range of digital documentation, related to a number of paintings by the artist Raphael.

For more details of the original project and access to the resource itself please go to the project web page at:

After the initial project further work was carried out to increase the accessibility of the data stored within the the resource and a SPARQL end point was set-up to provide more complex querying of the stored data.More details of this development, related links and the actual end-point can be found at:

This particular wiki has none be set-up to begin the process of mapping the content of the Raphael Research Resource to the [ CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM). Further details and relevant links will be provided as appropriate.

This particular wiki is a closed project wiki - further details will be made public during the project.

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